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Electric personnel carriers, burden carriers, stock
chasers, Utility Vehciles, Trams, and Tow vehicles.
Load Capacities up to 6,000 lbs.  
Used for maintenance departments, plant tours,
parts picking, towing, security, etc.
devices such as Coil Grabs, Sheet Lifters, Pallet
Lifters, Tongs (for handling ingots, billets, and
slabs), Rotating Crane Blocks, fixed and adjustable
Load Beams, Rotating Load Beams (Posi-Tumer),
and Vacuum Lifters (UniVac).
All made to your desired specifications.
Krane King line of Jib cranes, Gantry cranes and
Cantilever cranes.  Hoists and Trolleys too.
All types of Slings and Tie downs
 Fork Lift Truck Attachments including booms and
durm handling.
 Remote Control Systems for applications
Including overhead cranes, overhead doors,
Handheld transmitters and
bellybox transmitters and Control Receivers.
Fork Truck Operated Self Dumping
Hoppers, capacities range from 1/8
cubic yards to 5 cubic yards.
Portable Dock Carts.
Electric, pneumatic and mechanical scissor
lift tables and tilters.

Also hand pallet trucks, stackers,
and dock equipment.
Corrugated Steel Containers and Bins,
Controlled Flow Boxes, Racks, Steel Reels
and Spools, and Steel Pallets and Skids.
All made to your specifications.
A Broad Range of Plastic Bulk Boxes,
Plastic Bins and Plastic Pallets.
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Our Products
Our Products
MightyLine is a durable striping product
that is the superior and economic
alternative to stripe painting.
Easily installed and maintained
Also readily removeable
Frank H. Gill Co.

Material Handling Equipment
PARTS:  We sell parts for the following types of equipment:  Taylor-Dunn (Gas and Electric
Personnel and Burden Carriers);
Elwell-Parker (Fork Trucks and Industrial Trucks), United
(Tow Tractors), Harlan (Tow Tractors), Caldwell (Below the Hook Lifting Devices),
Presto Lifts, BPR Rico (Fork Trucks, Die Handlers and AGVs), Nutting (Trailers), conveyors
(rollers, belts, bearings, etc.) and casters.   

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We also service Industrial Trucks and Vehicles -
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Used Equipment:  Used equipment
that we have for sale.
Rental Equipment:  Check out the
equipment we have for rent - daily, weekly or
Service and Repairs:  We can service and repair you entire mobile equipment fleet - all
makes and models - electric and i.c. engines in the Chicagoland (city and suburbs) and
Northwest Indiana.  Call Courtney at (708) 895-1334 or e-mail
Floor Cranes - Your most versatile lifting
solution.  Highly maneuverble (Fits thru
doorways).  Lifts and Transports - can
maneuver throughout plant.  They offer
Full Power Cranes, Portable Cranes with
Manual Push and Clean Room Crane
Custom Floor Cranes available
Stainless Steel Lift Tables
Industrial Trailers - Industrial trailers designed  
for low, medium and high capacities.  Offering two
wheel or four whee steer, link caster steer, fifth
wheel steer and automotive steer.
Warehouse Trailers - Caster Steer trailers
designed for warehouses and distribution centers
Towline Trailers use a low profile track recessed
into the floor with a powered chain.  Trailers are
pulled by the chain to and from their destination
Custom Trailers - re-engineering, modifying or
designing a new product
Allied Products such as platform trucks, wagon
trucks, shelf trucks, hand trucks, skids, dollies,
rug poles, freight prys, work platforms, sheet rock
dollies, barrel handlers, casters, wheels,
bumpers, floor locks, hitches and couplers