The Caldwell Group provides a complete line of below the hook and material handling equipment.  We Offer You
an expanding variety of products to match Your Industrial lifting needs, including:
 Pallet Lifters <> Coil Upenders
   Coil Hooks and Grabs <> Lifting and Spreader beams
Mechanical, Vacuum, Magnet and Clamp Style Sheet Lifters

Below the Hook Lifting Devices

Below the Hook Vacuum Lifters
Also UniClamp Hold Down Welding Clamps
Mill Duty

Below the Hook Lifting Devices
Krane King

Jib & Gantry Cranes and Hoists

Slings & Tie Downs
We Also 0ffer a Complete Line of Fork Lift Truck Attachments and Rigging Attachments:

Booms <> Beam <> Drum Grabs <> Fork Extension <> Rug Rams
                    Fiberglass Battery Lifting Beams.
                            Plate Clamps<> Tongs

Fork Lift Truck Attachments
Rig Master

Rigging Attachments
If you need help with a specific or difficult application, simply CONTACT US and we will provide you with a
custom engineered solution.

Here are Some of the Services that Caldwell can offer.
- We can ship many standard products from our Strong-Bac® and UNIVAC® product lines within 7 -
10 days.  

- We ship many of our Rig-Master® and Lif-Truc™ products within 2 days.
Our Pricing for ALL Caldwell Products is LESS than Caldwell's
Suggested List Price.  We have experience in all areas.   Contact us
for a
quote now.
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