Shock absorbers, fluid dampers, shock isolators, liquid springs, hydropneumatic
springs, crane buffers, crane bumpers, earthquake protection technology, seismic
dampers, seismic isolation components, load suspension systems, vibration isolators,
vibration actuators, acoustic mountings, gun recoil absorbers, shock and vibration
technology, shock and vibration system design, and active control systems.
Crane Bumper
Fluidic Shock
Industrial, steel mills, buildings, bridges, aerospace, defense, automotive.
In general, all of our products are used to absorb, control, or mitigate the motion of
masses. This motion may be transient, such as caused by earthquakes or explosions, or
steady state, such as caused by vibration or controlled power excitation.
Fluidicshoks & Shock Aborbers
Crane & Industrial Buffers
Self Adjusting Shock Absorbers (W-Series)
Liquid Die Springs
Seismic Dampers & Seismic Protection Products
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