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Built Like a Tank!
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Custom Floor Cranes

Manual Powered
Floor Cranes

Full Powered
Floor Cranes
Portable Crane, Engine Hoist, Floor Crane, Engine Crane
and Shop Crane Products
Highly maneuverable portable crane products, also known as floor crane, engine
hoist, engine crane or shop crane devices are designed and made by Ruger
Industries. These portable crane products provide many ergonomic benefits
compared to traditional lift trucks. Ruger makes both full power floor crane as well as
manual portable crane items. We also manufacture specialty material handling
equipment, such as stainless steel lift tables.

We have the ability (and desire) to custom engineer lifting products to meet your
specific needs. Check out our crane attachments/crane options for special features to
improve your material handling.

Whether you call it an engine hoist, engine crane, floor crane, portable crane, or shop
crane we will build it to last under heavy industrial use: See a comparison of
construction details versus other engine hoist products at “Built Like a Tank.”

Portable crane products can help eliminate many back-breaking activities while easily
navigating standard door openings, narrow aisles and elevators. As highly
manueverable material handling equipment, our engine hoist products are often seen
as safer, smaller and less expensive alternatives to tow motor-type lift trucks.
All Ruger Floor Cranes
Meet or Exceed ASME PALD Standards,
which require Design and Build
to 150% of Rated Capacity.
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 The Preferred Floor Crane
   of the US Government for
        Aircraft Maintenance

Customized Floor Cranes