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CounterBalanced Fork Trucks

(IC and Electric)

Custom built to your applications
Explosion Proof Trucks

All EX are custom built
Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV's)

Custom built to your applications

Whether your a small company on the growth curve, or an industry giant out to keep its competitive advantage, you
wrestle with issues like - Efficiency, Productivity, Ergonomics, Safety - every day. And they all boil down to one question
that cuts across every segment of today's hard driving business and industry: How Do You Do the Job Better?

When it comes to material handling, the solution is different for each company and each challenge but the answer is the
same - RICO. Our approach to material handling is as unique as your needs. We give you a custom lift truck engineered
to solve your problems. We'll move your loads, in your operating environment, with unmatched ease, efficiency, safety,
and reliability.

As a result, every move you make with RICO equipment is a move toward increased productivity and profitability.
Application Designed without "Trial Run" Drawbacks. RICO innovation includes modular component design that allows us
to create application designed equipment that we know in advance will do the job for you. The advanced engineering,
quality material and tight manufacturing control that set RICO apart are built into every truck you order.
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